Friday, 18 November 2011

We often wake up to this magnificent sight.  
Don't you wish you were a kid again...
Paradise? See the horror story written below all the photo's!

Pretty as a picture, you can't see the mozzies but they find you!

Farm hunting
1 week old alligator, no teeth!

Chilli cook-off, the cooks decorate their stalls

A mobile braai/barbeque/smoke house.  These things are huge.  Note the lazy cowboy.

Creative marketing

They dish out tasters of their cooking
The water level used to be up to this sign.

Northern Cardinal, difficult to photograph.

Aren't these weeds back home?
An oil rig in every back yard, I kid you not.
Hi guys,
Back by popular demand.  Since some of you were wondering if we fell off the planet, we decided to update our blog! As you can see, we have been to Palacious.  They have a flesh eating bacteria in the bay, the whole gulf of Mexico has it.  It is particularly prevalent during drought.  When we arrived I found a local lady catching crabs off a jetty so I asked her if she was not worried about the flesh eating bacteria.  She looked horrified and asked "flesh eating bacteria, what flesh eating bacteria?" so I told her what I had heard about it.   She said that she had just bought a house on the beach front, got husband to haul up the crab lines, and then hurried away so fast the wheels were spinning.  Perhaps I should have put an offer in on her house!  Later a fisherman reassured us that it is not so common, and that it only affects those with weak immune systems or open wounds.  We were not reassured!  We have heard that the Mexicans refuse to build jetty's because they were dying, and the local Dr also died from it.  Apparently there is no cure. 

We are still very happy where we are, the scenery and wildlife are amazing.  What a privilege to wake up every morning to a sunrise like the one in the top photo.  Very often the Deer are at the waters edge.  We have watched the stag herd his does away from the camp site at day break.

The Chilli-cook off is a Texan tradition.  People get together and have a chilli cooking competition. The braai's or smokers are built onto trailers,and are as big as a garden shed, roof and all.  They are usually decorated with a very western theme.  Probably because cowboys ate chilli beans?  The chilli that we have had was mild. After the judging, the cooks dish out tasters. 

That's all for now folks.  Post a few comments!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

We have not had much time to update the "glob" as Jessica calls it... so here are a few pic's.  
A picture speaks 1000 words!

There are no petrol attendants in the land of plenty.

Boys and their toys!

Uncle J.B taught them to drive THE TERA-GATOR!!!

Who could resist the little bandits?
They like dog kibbles, and it means we get to eat our dinnerin peace!

Fallow deer at the Fair

The rides at the fair

The maze at the fair

Dylan sweeping the roof of our RV
Squirrel damage!

CJ has an RV too!  Notice the Hero worship.. the kids love him.

CJ's RV dining room, with coffee machine - top priority!

CJ's RV with chess board.. also top priority.

CJ's RV, first night.

Sunset after the rain.

Tea with Aunty Olly & Kirsty

Sweet nectar, the hummingbirds are topping up for their migration.

Bacon and eggs..yum.. it's Turkey bacon!

The park lounge, where we do school and have wi-fi access.

The park lounge, it's nice to have room to stretch.

The death of an armadillo.

Looks like Kariba here.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fun in San Antonio

I drove in San Antonio, the 7th biggest city in the States, on the right-hand side of the road... how brave is that!  I admit that I was a bit of a gibbering wreck, and was very happy to hand over to Stuart who is old hat at driving in the States. 

 We enjoyed the sights and sounds in San Antonio, which has an old world feel.  Aside from the mega high-ways, speeding cars and sky rise buildings.  The river walk reminded us of Dubai's Madinat waterways, little boats and all.   The canal was lined with restaurants, and we had the biggest pizza we have ever eaten.  Best watch those calories. 
Our giant flying pizza

The river walk

Sidewalk artist


The Alamo walls

Hotel behind The Alamo

Amazing kids

Rain forest

Mosaic mural

Blown glass