Monday, 19 September 2011

The big bad interview

Nolene & Ronnie put us up the night before our interview
The interview loomed ominously over our heads for a year.  We ran around gathering various papers and preparing.  A few weeks before the interview we went for our medical.  This was horrible for the kids as we had to have a bunch of immunizations done.  The reward was a magnum ice-cream.
On interview day we discovered that we were missing one document and thought we had blown the whole thing. A whole year of preparation and waiting may have been in jeopardy. Horror of horrors. Fortunately with the help of a super efficient contact we got the paper and got back on course.  Our passports were couriered back to us with the Green card visa.

Photo's of sad goodbye's... we rather say farewell... till we see you again.

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  1. Good byes suck, BUT the Hello's are awesome and u will have many of those yet!!