Monday, 19 September 2011

Buying our RV

We took a trip to Victoria.  The car sales men there gave us the run around.  Eventually we found the car of our dreams, it's BIG.  In fact most cars here are very big.  It is a Chevy Suburban, seats 8 and has a big 5.7 V8 engine.  So it can pull our RV.

Next up.. we went hunting for RV's.  We had in fact searched for RV's in Houston a few days ago.  After much thought we decided not to have a motorized RV.  It would be better if we could un-hitch a Travel Trailer (caravan) and have our car for driving in town.  The other choice was a motorized RV, which would be like driving a tank through town.  We went to "Frank's" in Victoria and boy did he give us a deal.  He sold us a brand new Travel Trailer at cost price.  I was so overwhelmed that I had tears in my eyes.  We were all so stunned.  Now we have a home! Our Trailer can sleep 9.  It has a slide out to increase floor space.  Length 26 foot. The kids have 3 permanent bunks, which they are calling nests.  Michael will have a fold-out sleeper couch.  It has a private master suite.  It is the first time we have owned a new vehicle of any sort.

Triple bunk nests
We will have a house warming party with our family here.


  1. How’s the RV doing now? I can tell that your family’s really happy with the RV, which is what matters most. There’s no such thing as an ideal RV because there a lot to choose from, and people use them for their own reasons. That’s why you have to pattern your preferences to your current and perceived lifestyle.

    Rosalinda Rudloff

    1. After a year of living in the RV we bought our home and decided to sell the RV. It sat at the dealer, who sold it to us, for 6 weeks and never sold. So it came back and this weekend we are using to go to Canyon Lake again. Wonderful. The RV has been a pleasant experience and we learnt a whole lot about it after a year. Thank you for your comment.