Monday, 19 September 2011

Family in Texas

Danny & Kyle, dressed Western
We are fortunate to have family in Texas, otherwise it would be a lonely start. They have all given us a warm welcome.  It is so good to have a helping hand with settling in, they have lots of good tips! Uncle JB in particular has given us really good advice on cars.  Uncle JB & Auntie Olly have invited us for dinner in their barn a few times.  Wow, Auntie Olly & Kirsty can cook divine food!  They have a smoker braai and we had home-smoked chicken on the night that Kyle and Danny went to their Home coming dance.  It is an old fashioned country dance.  They looked awesome, and ran the gauntlet of comments from the family as they prepared for their big night out.  Deks has torn his bicep muscles, as he was carrying huge slabs of granite.  Kirsty is looking great, we have enjoyed a few cups of tea with her at our camp.  Jordan brought his bike to our camp site and spent the day with us, he gets along really well with all our kids.  Michael did some shooting with Solomon, and we have now met the lovely Janine. We are still looking forward to seeing Tammy and her family as well as cousin Jimmy


  1. fantastic.... may blessings and wisdom be yours as you start this new adventure. Mayb, God willing, we can come on over and visit you all when u r settled......lots of love Gigi xox

  2. Hi there! Discovered your blog through! Really enjoy reading it! Would love to know where you settled? Are you home schooling your Kids? Love the idea of the caravan. We are thinking of immigration, and I have been doing a lot of research on the Internet. Please do a blog entry on where you guys are from, what line of work you are in, where you live and also about the whole camping experience when immigrating opposed to an apartment! Kind regards sune jansen south of Africa