Monday, 19 September 2011

Hurricane's in Washington DC

When we flew in, the pilots told us they had to detour around a hurricane.  Another hurricane arrived on our second day. Lots of rain here Washington.  First thing in the morning the kids were baying for breakfast .  We managed to sleep fairly well . When we arrived,  we were quite dazed and dizzy.   The hotel was lovely, we had a suite with 2 rooms, a king size bed, 2 double sleeper sofa's. The pool, jacuzzi and gym were a hit. Our last luxury before hitting the road.  It is a bit weird to be here and very unreal.  We feel conspicuous, and obviously stand out as different. When we talk, everybody turns to look, like we do when tourists visit our country.  The tree's here are different, there are tall forests in the city.  It is sparkling clean. Jessica was so tired, she was falling asleep in Walmart.
Our first American meal... Oh dear.

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