Monday, 19 September 2011

Our last African sunset

Up to now everything was a big blur of packing, selling, throwing out stuff and cleaning house. Unbelievable how much junk we collect.  It was such a relief to get rid of it all.  It was tough to say goodbye to our family and friends.  At this point reality had not quite set in.  7 September, the day of departure.  Sean our good friend drove us to City Bug in Nelspruit.  The bus stopped at  Alzu fuel stop where we saw our last African sunset, last rhino and last buffalo, last for a while at least but not forever.  Norman and Sue (Stuart's brother) met us at the airport and Norman had a last shot at convincing us to stay.  It was tempting but we resisted.  The flight was very pleasant, uneventful and not as bad as one might imagine. In fact it was all part of the fun. Jessica however hated it, but she did have a fever and felt rotten with a cold. We refuelled in Dakar, but stayed on the plane.  Arrived in Washington DC mid-morning. Our Mayflower moment was when the immigration officer said "welcome home".
Finally we flagged down our hotel shuttle, by now we were feeling dizzy with exhaustion. The Marriott Courtyard hotel staff were wonderful and offered to shuttle us to various locations in the city, for free.