Monday, 19 September 2011

Reunion with my brother

The flight from Washington to Texas was awful, since they did not feed us! Not even a bag of peanuts!!!
We scrounged up the crunchie that Ma gave me last minute for CJ... sorry Ma... it was an emergency! The kids had a 1/4 crunchie each.  We told CJ how good it tasted.  As we were walking through the arrivals hall, I was pounced by my little brother.. not so little anymore at 6 foot something.  There are not enough words for how that felt, since we have not seen eachother for 11 years.  The kids love him to bits, and Dylan said it feels as if they have known him forever.  Since then he has spent all his evenings after work with us, and his weekends.  We are making up for lost time.


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