Monday, 19 September 2011

San Antonio, Texas

Flag's in a puddle - Michael's photo
We brought the rain to Texas.  They have had a drought here for 3 years.  Well, perhaps this rain won't break the drought but it has cooled the earth down.  We were boiling at 45 degree's.  Now we are swimming in our tent! At least we have air beds.

Deer at sunrise
We are camping at Brackenridge, Lake Texana.  At this stage we are in a tent, and are having close encounters with the critters in the woods. 

Last night we had our nocturnal visitors again... this time we outwitted the little critters and had our food all locked away in the car... fortunately the raccoons have not yet figured out how to break into cars!  However we left out a dish of water and a few snacks for them.  We had a wonderful time watching from our "viewing tent" as the raccoons came to play.  We have rescued a few of them from the huge trash can's, we have to put a long pole into the trash can so that they can climb out.  

The squirrels broke into our food storage container by gnawing away at the clasp, which they figured out was preventing them from getting to the goodies.  We intercepted them just in time.
  A possum also came to visit and man that is one ugly over sized rat! My cousin said that we should give it a fright and watch it play dead...well when a troop of wild humans rushed the next possum it's eye's nearly fell out it's head and then it turned tail and ran as fast as it's little possum legs could go.  We laughed till we cried!  The next possum we saw was road kill, it really was dead.. shame.
Elusive Racoon
The armadillo are so so cute and ugly.  they come right up to us, they have funny piggy faces.  The kids caught one, and it covered it's eyes with it's paws.  We found out later that they carry disease.  oops.  
I've had 2 of them run right up to me and sniff my toes, maybe they think my pink nail varnish looks like tasty grubs.

This is our campsite... wish you were here.  The mosquito's here have to be seen to be believed.  They blacken the sky practically! We have learned to put our lantern away from us, and use it to attract the mosquito's which we then spray.  We are camped beneath Live Oaks.. well that's what they are called.

Awake at sunrise.. 7:00 am
Our second campsite in the same park, more breeze = less mozzies
Our campsite is so beautiful, that we may return to live here for the winter in our Rv.  There are little nature trails all over.  We don't feel altogether comfortable with the nature trails as there are a lot of Rattle snakes and Copperhead snakes here.  Have seen a few photo's and we do not want to meet the real thing.

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  1. agree with you there.......had a "night" meeting with a mamba the other night......always carry a torch.....