Monday, 19 September 2011

Smithsonian Aviation Museum

 The actual Enola Gay, that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima

This has been a lifelong dream.  There was so much to see, where to begin?  Dylan says "my favorite part of the Smithsonian was flying the Wright brothers simulator"  The instructor said that he did very well.  It is a strange thing to fly, very much like riding a bicycle.  It has 2 levers that you push or pull, no steering column.  There are also no pedals.
 The Wright brothers plane, simulator
Star Trek prop
The History of Flight - The Wright Brothers Vision

Michael says "It was amazing, there were many aviation icons" "such as the Enola Gay, which bombed Hiroshima, the Concord, a Boeing 707, a space shuttle and SR71 Blackbird spy plane".

Blackbird, not Blackberry

  The list goes on with the futuristic VTOL fighter (vertical take off and landing), lots of historic planes, a restoration room, a control tower and viewing platform, modern fighters and helicopters, rockets, and a room full of space junk.  Siobhan says "We flew the space shuttle simulator, and I did fairly well.... 'till I landed in the trees!"  " I also enjoyed looking at all the satellites".  Jessica says "I really did like the Wright brothers simulator"

The space shuttle simulator
The shuttle
Rocket Girl

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  1. eeeeish wot an experience.. u r in the land of dreams, seize the moment :) Michael, I cant believe that is u look like a taller version of your Dad....... good looking boy u r :)