Tuesday, 11 October 2011

We have not had much time to update the "glob" as Jessica calls it... so here are a few pic's.  
A picture speaks 1000 words!

There are no petrol attendants in the land of plenty.

Boys and their toys!

Uncle J.B taught them to drive THE TERA-GATOR!!!

Who could resist the little bandits?
They like dog kibbles, and it means we get to eat our dinnerin peace!

Fallow deer at the Fair

The rides at the fair

The maze at the fair

Dylan sweeping the roof of our RV
Squirrel damage!

CJ has an RV too!  Notice the Hero worship.. the kids love him.

CJ's RV dining room, with coffee machine - top priority!

CJ's RV with chess board.. also top priority.

CJ's RV, first night.

Sunset after the rain.

Tea with Aunty Olly & Kirsty

Sweet nectar, the hummingbirds are topping up for their migration.

Bacon and eggs..yum.. it's Turkey bacon!

The park lounge, where we do school and have wi-fi access.

The park lounge, it's nice to have room to stretch.

The death of an armadillo.

Looks like Kariba here.