Sunday, 26 February 2012

Africa vs America. Snakes and Crocodiles.

Any comparison made with Africa has to begin with our infamous snakes.  I think Africa wins hands down for having worse snakes than America (South America excluded) but that's just my opinion.  Have a look at a few of our backyard critters and see for yourself!  Having said that, we were rather shocked at the number of deadly snakes that we have encountered here in Texas.  
A man was bitten by this Puff Adder of Goliath size.  His arm muscle rotted away, and his surgeries cost multiple millions of Rands.  I have pictures of the bite, but it really is awful to look at. 
Below I have attached a comment from our friend Sean in Zimbabwe, 
you have to be African to know what a Sadza snake is.

"The chap is very lucky but I’ve heard that the Sadza Adder can be worse.

As you probably know, Sadza Adders will never be found on any major road system or path. They are normally found lying motionless just a few meters of said thoroughfares.

Nevertheless, should one be unfortunate and encounter a Sadza Adder, within seconds, most victims become violently ill and begin thrashing around their foot rather uncontrollably. I’ve personally witnessed some victims who would prefer to immediately cut off their foot then deal with the problem at hand :P

The after affects of encountering a Sadza Adder can last with some for months including night sweats and horrid dreams where one relives the encounter over and over again. "

Black Mamba, 6.5 meters long (approx 18ft).   This is in my opinion the most terrifying snake in existence, it is not only deadly but is aggressive too and will not hesitate to chase down and attack a person.
Just before leaving Africa, Stuart drove over a Mamba about this size- 4 meters long.

This friendly fella being held by Michael is an Albino Burmese Python, 
at Montana Garden Nursery in Nelspruit, South Africa.

The deadly snakes that we have encountered in Texas are the Rattlesnake (BRRRRR), the Coral snake (it's rare to get a bite from one of these), the Copperhead (camouflage very much like our Gaboon viper) the Cottonmouth/Water Moccasin (will actually swim up to you, yeuch).  

Crocodile (Crocodylus Niloticus)
Ok guys, Africa wins again for having truly Horrible Crocodiles.  They are man eaters and have taken many people without hesitation from the banks of rivers and dams.  The American Alligator is positively tame in comparison.  We have lived on edges of a dam with alligators for the last few months and they have not set a scaly foot in our campsite or lake shore near the campsite.  The charming African Crocodile on the other hand would have been lying in wait for the next unsuspecting victim and failing that would have made do with all the dogs around camp.

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  1. mmmmm excellent and well put together Anna.........horrible creatures all of these.....hope there are none in heaven :) xx