Wednesday, 29 February 2012

America vs Africa: Crime

Hi-Jacking Hot Spot in South Africa.  Sign posted warning!

At first when I began this post, I thought that it was  a simple matter of America being far safer than South Africa.  Upon further investigation, it's not so cut and dried.  Yes, South Africa does rank as the most violent country in the world on the web site "environmental graffiti" but a quick look at "crime USA" online reveals some disturbing facts.   Wikipedia seems quite informative.  Analysing crime is fairly complex as some countries list minor assault as being violent crime while in South Africa they probably don't bother with the small stuff. Surprisingly I found that England has the highest crime rate in the EU, and almost rivals the USA & RSA.  Canada is also fairly high... and we all thought they were so nice up there.  The USA is not as safe as we imagined when we first came here, with some cities such as Baltimore being alarmingly dangerous.  Drug gangs seem to be the root of all evil here.  There is also a big problem with kidnapping of children.  However we are comparing a massive continent to a number of small countries.  Perhaps it would be fair to assess each state in the USA individually, which Wikipedia does quite effectively.  The Southern States seem to have much higher crime statistics than the Northern States, and of course cities are far worse than the country.  So if you are thinking of moving over here, do your homework.

In my opinion, South Africa is far worse than the USA for crime.  I quote Environmental Graffiti.  "South Africa is considered the rape capital of the world... Farming here has become on of the most dangerous jobs on earth, as murder rates for farmers are 8 times higher than the national average... and South Africa has one of the highest homicide rates in the world." The top 5 countries for crime are: 
1. South Africa
2. Brazil
3. Columbia
4. Russia
5. Somalia

The long and the short of it... South Africa is really really awful and the USA is not as safe as we imagine, but a lot better than RSA!  

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  1. mmmm, food for thought.......not always greener on the other side....Great, informative write up Anna.......xx