Thursday, 16 February 2012

Art on a rainy day

Northern Cardinal: By Annalise

The Cardinal flashes a brilliant crimson in a grey landscape.  The Cardinals hang out in flocks of about 30.   Texas has had a severe drought for a few years, and the winter has left the grass grey,
 trees grey, the mud is grey and even the sky is grey.  
At last the rains came, and suddenly the grass is green again.  
We have been holed up in our Trailer for a few days and have a severe case of cabin fever.  
At least it brought out the artist in us as we dusted off our paintbrushes.  

The following detailed picture was done by Michael.  We think it's very good.


  1. wow Michael and wow, wow wow, Annalise, your are both extremely talented!! Hoping you have a few more rainy days, so we can see your exceptional art.......... xox

  2. Outstanding job Michael, keep it up, your going places with that sort of work.

    Unc. J

    1. Nice Painting Anna, colourful little chappie.