Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Snow Day

Jordan(far right) and some friends in the snow ball throwing zone.

In Texas we are a little desperate for snow, so 50 tons of artificial snow were trucked into Brackenridge event centre.   In fact there was a truck full of ice, which was chopped into tiny pieces and hosed in to create a snow play area, a big snow slide and a little kids snow slide.  Most of the little kids wanted to slide on the big slide.  Very few adults went down the slide, but I did! We all volunteered at the event, and earned our tickets for admittance, ticket price $15 !!

Meanwhile, Stuart in Ohio on his Simulator Training Course is experiencing arctic style snow and ice!
This is an Amish Farm, love the red barn.
Snow from Stuart's Hotel room. Temp 9 degrees Fahrenheit.

Danny & Siobhan enjoying lunch on the grand stand,
with a birds eye view of the fun fair.

The fun fair, in the rodeo arena event centre.

Me on the big snow slide, note Dylan waiting in ambush.

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