Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A day on the Beach, Matagorda

A glorious winter day, one of the perks of living in Texas.

I always wanted to live by the sea.  It gets into your blood.  The Matagorda beach is only an hours drive away.  There is a savage rip current here, and we could not swim beyond knee depth.  Jessica made the most of it and swam in the freezing water all day long, but stayed safely in the shallows.  One day Solomon and the family went to Matagorda to enjoy their jet ski's.. as they arrived somebody ran up to them and asked for help.  Three  people had been pulled out by the rip current.  Solomon raced out to find them with his jet-ski, he managed to save two of the people.  Sadly the third person was lost.
    The water is a lot colder than it looks.  Jessica swam and swam all day long.
 CJ & James brought their metal detectors to the beach, they had visions of buried chests of treasure.  They scanned and beeped and dug for hours.  The first treasure they found was this rusty beer tin.  By the end of the day, they had lost their metal detectors to the horde of kids, who managed to find a few more rusty tins.  The best find of the day was the 1 Euro that Dylan found, without a metal detector!  He traded it  for $1.25 we were impressed that he knew the exact value offhand!

 The pier was lined with Vietnamese fishermen and their families.  This was caught in front of us, amidst great chattering and excitement.  We learnt, and promptly forgot, the Vietnamese word for "big fish".
 CJ terrorising Jessica by dangling her over the crevasses between the rocks.  The crabs below were licking their choppers in anticipation.  Beside him our good friend Laura is having a laugh.
 From the front: Jessica, Siobhan, Petty (Czech exchange student), Danni, Jordan and Michael.
I love my brother.

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  1. wow, scary place, but so wonderful that u live close to the sea and to your lovely brother........Just love this last picture!! xx