Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Eagle Lady

The Eagle Lady, Doris Mager can be an inspiration to us all.  She is 86 years old and is not sitting at home knitting! Her passion is for the birds of prey and she has made it her life's work to travel the world educating people on the beauty and importance of our birds of prey.  She drives across America in the little van that she lives in together with her beautiful birds.  When she was 40 she began rehabilitating birds of prey, but 14 years later when one of her precious birds was shot again and died in her arms, she decided that she needed to educate people instead.  At 60 years old she cycled across America to bring attention to the plight of these birds.  When she was younger she spent a week living in a Bald Eagle's nest.

    Stuart was invited to fly Cara, the 25 year old captive bred Crested Caracara.

   E.T.(Extra Terrific) a great horned owl was Dylan's favourite.

 Brackenridge provided tasty snacks which the kids dug into like starved boarding school kids!

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  1. wow, what an amazing lady. Hope I can be so full of energy and enthusiasm at her age!! need to catch up xoxo