Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Stuart takes to the skies again.

After Simulator Training.

An old aircraft with new generation avionics.
 Simulator Training in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Simulator is the most advanced video gaming machine ever produced.. a 17 year old's dream gaming machine. It's a complete all sensation aircraft feel.  When you apply the brakes you feel the deceleration, on take off you feel the acceleration.  You  can feel the stick shaker and buffet in a stall.  The screen shows real world scenarios.  The instructors delight in throwing all the worst possible emergencies at the training pilot e.g.  engine fire, hydraulic failures or decompression.

Hard at work, look at all those textbooks. Overseen by the thug behind us, Tony our   Flight Engineer.

Bruno, after 12 hours Simulator Training.

A Pilot friend once described training as like having a fire hose put in your mouth, turned onto max and being told to swallow all the water at once.

Celebrating at the end of the Simulator Training.  Larry(second from the left), our illustrious leader and Simulator Instructor is a man of many talents.

We came to the land of opportunity, expecting to find work here.  After sending out at least 200 CV's guess where I found work? Back in Africa!  The family will stay in the States while I have a long distance commute.

When the family came to Houston Airport to collect me, Dylan spotted a young Marine resplendent in his full dress uniform with gold braid and royal colors.  Dylan shouted... "look a prince!" The marine immediately straitened his shoulders and pushed his chest out a bit further.

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  1. haahaa oh Stuart, well if you are ever in Tete, Moz, give us a call....... Love that Dylan!!