Friday, 16 March 2012

America vs Africa: Lifestyle

In America the criminals live behind bars and the good guys are  free.  It's wonderful to live here in the USA where we can safely camp and walk in the bush. We can safely visit scenic attractions, walk the beach and even go out at night.  We don't have to have bars on our windows and palisade fences around our gardens.   There is crime here, unfortunately, but at least we have the right to walk into a department store, display our drivers license,and buy a gun right off the shelf.  Criminals have to think twice here, as the common people are armed.

Vehicles here are monstrous and are awesome to drive.. aside from burning up gallons of gas, but the roads are alarmingly narrow.

We miss the bread in Africa: fresh hot crusty bread with butter and marmite.
The bread in America is sweet, and processed.  We like the toasted bagels and french bread.
The food in Africa is more wholesome and affordable.  In the US most foods contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is linked to diabetes and obesity.  Healthy foods are available, at a price!

Enjoying the barrel racing. 

It's funny little things that trip us up here in the USA.  
Like climbing in the passenger door, when we want to drive!!
We keep walking in the "out" doors, since the "in" is on the right.
The sun sets at 9:30 in Summer and 5:00 in winter.  We are used to watching the sun for the time, but it gets confusing here!
We have to pay careful attention to the roads, since we must now drive on the right.  We have made the switch now.  In the beginning we had to be very careful not to instinctively switch to the wrong side.
I nearly made the fatal mistake of stepping into a road, while checking the right for oncoming traffic.  I should have looked Left first, then Right, then Left again... instead of our routine Right, then Left then Right again.
We have to remember to use the American terminology for these words. We all know these words, since we watch American programs.. however people here are not exactly watching "Egoli" or "Sevende Laan"or the jungle beat and conversation gets a little confusing when you chuck in words like these:
Tap - Faucet
Torch - Flashlight
Braai - Barbeque
Bonnet is a Hood, if you call it a "bonnet" people wonder if you are talking about a hat.
The dam is called a lake or a pond, and the dam wall is called the dam.  See what I mean!

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  1. haaha fantastic Anna, love that. Wow, looking so American already!! All these new words!! I have some American friends here and I keep correcting them with our words!! Pity them when they go back........ xx