Friday, 2 March 2012

Fishing, Skeet shooting and outdoor stuff.

The Old Man and the Tree.  Photo by Michael.

The perspective here is awry, but the picture does convey the beauty of this windy sunny day.  
Jessica is an avid fisherwoman.

Big brother helps little sister with those wriggly worms and bird nests.

Cowboy tip: Always check your boots before you put them on. 
 Michael found a mouse in his boot!

This floating jetty was high and dry with the drought, and the poor little boat was left stranded in the mud. At last the water returned and the boat is back in it's element, looking a little worse for wear.
Crazy Cousins.
Dylan is the most dedicated fisherman.  A kindly fisherman shared his favorite fishing spots and tips with Dylan, so hopefully he will catch something soon

Clay Pigeon or Skeet shooting.  Something we always wanted to do. 
Man it's nice to be in a country where it's your right to bear arms! 
Michael was a natural and hit the flying target consistently.

Live Oaks within a bubble.  Photo by Siobhan.

Siobhan is perfectly content to let the fish take care of themselves, 
while she reads a good book.

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  1. great art and photos, lovely seeing your lives in "time out" would love to visit soooooon. xx