Saturday, 14 April 2012

The golden fish, Road kill & Phones.

Like the golden fish, caught by a fisherman, in the Arabian Nights... This little golden fish pleaded for his life with his large eye's and desperate gasps.  Dylan, being a kind hearted boy, released the fish, and we had chicken for dinner!

On the other hand,  these unfortunate souls had BBQ Road kill for dinner.  
It looks like a Possum too!
Which reminds me of a fine story.  When we were quite new here in the USA (which we still are actually) we were quite delighted at our first sighting of a Possum.  We all strategized a plan of attack, and on the count of 3 we all charged through the woods, chasing after the Possum.  Well the Possum took one look over it's shoulder and a look of pure astonishment crossed it's face.  It began to run as fast as it's little Possum legs could carry it and completely forgot to play dead, to our intense disappointment.  
We are still waiting to see a Possum play dead!  
I think word is out, because we have not seen another Possum here since then.

These people were catering for a wedding in the park.  These BBQ trailers are a Texan thing.

I have a horrible confession to make...
we used phones (telkom) exactly like this in South Africa, and not too long ago...

and these black phone here... we used phones like this in Zimbabwe, not too long ago...
I'm proud to say that I have never in my life used a phone like this one!
These phones are all in a museum with signs saying "Please do not touch, these phones are very fragile"

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  1. haahaa love this, well written. The 2nd last phone was what we were using when we "left" the farm........mmmm and all the old ladies on the party line had great fun listening in. We sometimes used to take advantage when we heard heavy breathing, and tell the most amazing stories, well, before u knew it......Our little district had another story to tell......