Sunday, 8 April 2012

Gruene, Historical town

Spangled Sombrero's in the old Mercantile.. now an antique store.
Gruene Hall, was built in 1878 by Richard Gruene and is located in the historical town of Gruene, Texas (now a part of New Braunfels), and bills itself as "the oldest continually run dance hall in Texas."  Gruene Hall has hosted such acts as Willie Nelson, George strait, Lyle Lovett, and many more.  
It was also used as a set for "Michael" starring John Travolta.  Gruene is pronounced 'green'.

Note the dance hall in the background...
 if you can tear your eyes from the thumpers in the foreground.

Horsing around in the antique shop.
Drift wood furniture, for lazy porch days.

Architecture you may expect to find in Germany.

 We had a lovely time exploring, lots of little stores, antiques, knick knacks.  We had a delicious ice-cream, perched on bar stools in the General dealer store.  Not a fast food store in sight!
They prefer our Chevy!
Gruene's history begins in 1872 when first generation German American farmer Heinrich (Henry) D. Gruene  built his house and planted his surrounding land with cotton. In 1878, Gruene opened a mercantile store to serve the several dozen or so families share cropping on his land.  The town benefited by its location along the stagecoach route between Austin and San Antonio, the store thrived for many years and stimulated local commercial growth. Gruene hall opened in 1878, and three large cotton gins soon followed. By the time the Great Northern Railroad  was built across Comal County in the 1880s the small community was bustling with commercial and farming activity, and officially took the name Gruene after its founding father and most prominent citizen. (wikipedia)

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