Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lots of Snakes

I know I keep waffling on about snakes, but they are such a big part of our lives here, and who doesn't like a good snake story! So settle down with a hot cuppa coffee and read on..

Dylan and the Rattlesnake
At Canyon lake, the kids were having a grand time finding all sorts of treasure.. they found coins, lots of fishing stuff like lures, weights, a whole tin full of assorted hooks, and even a golden lighter which had Michael excited for a moment as he thought it was the real deal!  Needless to say, the treasure hunting efforts were escalated.  Dylan saw an interesting rope sticking out from under a rock and gave it a  good tug... it seemed stuck, so he lifted the rock and saw a rattle snake looking back at him.  He dropped the rock and ran.  He had been tugging the rattle snake's tail!!!
P.S. Be careful while skipping through the blue-bonnets!

Siobhan's Green Snake
While riding her bike down the nature trail, Jessica narrowly missed a green snake lying in the path.  We all rushed over to have a look.  Siobhan was terribly tempted to catch it.  We have read that it is harmless, however I find it hard to trust snakes.

With Cousin's like this... who needs enemies?
We were visiting uncle JB at the barn, Michael & Dylan were scrambling around some old machinery (not clever).  Dylan suddenly grabs Michael by the arm and stammers... "Mmmmm Mike... there there's a sss nn snake!" It was a huge black snake.  Uncle JB armed Michael with a pistol and the two of them went snake hunting, I could hardly watch especially since Michael was wearing flip-flops.  They quickly found the snake and Michael with true marksmanship shot the snake 8 times without missing.

Then a truly horrible and cunning plan occurred to us all at the same time... Kyle has a horror for snakes, Kyle's car was un-locked, and so with diabolical and fiendish glee... we all dragged the long black snake over to Kyle's car and artistically arranged it on the floor.  We planned how they would reveal the snake with the flashlight, before Kyle actually started the car, since we were convinced that Kyle would have an accident if he was actually driving at the time of discovery.  When we got home, we had a fit of remorse and called Kyle's dad, Dex and let him in on the plot... he was delighted at the scheme and said he looked forward to it.  Kyle riding in the car with him was mildly suspicious.  When they arrived at the barn, Olly & JB walked to the car with Kyle and then said "Oh, Michael left something on the floor for you."  Kyle leaned right into the car and put his hand on the floor, that's when he realized that there was a very large reptile in the car with him.  He lept back about 4 meters and let fly with a few choice words!

Diamond back on the Diamond
Uncle JB lives next to the local baseball pitch.  Some kids knocked a ball out into the long grass, and a boy was running after it when he saw a huge snake lift itself up and strike at the ball.  He skidded to a halt, and the whole team ran over and clubbed it to death with their bats.  The snake never had a chance! It was 3ft long rattlesnake.

No snake story time would be complete without a little 
Urban Legend!!
Now a little warning, never run your hand over any tyre.  The Rattlesnakes bite the tires, and leave their teeth behind.  Everybody here wears gloves when handling tires, and in tyre repair shops they run a soft cloth over tires to see if it snags on a tooth.  Well sounds good doesn't it... and it had me going for a while...  urban legend strikes yet again.

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