Saturday, 7 April 2012

Wild Flowers & the Pioneering spirit.

When I see the fields of wild flowers,
 I think of how the Pioneer women must have felt. 
God has filled the valleys with bouquets of magnificent color.

Living in a new foreign land, you have to remember the wise saying
"What you see, depends on what you are looking for."
If you are determined to find happiness, and see a future, you will find delight in every new experience.  You will meet new people, make new friends, try new foods, see new sights.  Put your old experiences into a box of memories and move forward. 
 It takes courage, but not as much courage as the Pioneers had! 

Blue fields of bonnets,
nodding in the sun,
remember the lonely wheels,
of the wagon passing on,
fear of snakes & savage bands,
missing cottage gardens in faraway lands,
suddenly a field of Texas blue,
the children laugh with glee,
and pick armfuls of color,  all for free,
women in bonnets smile,
at the flowers white, red and blue,
and many other colors, mile after mile,
Now on a hill,
a little wooden shack,
no window box needed,
the blue bonnets are back.
by: Annalise

The children named it: Fireworks

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  1. gorgeous gorgeous post by my very talented it and u...... going to steal those words in the beginning for my blog xxx