Sunday, 8 April 2012


We met a South African couple, John and Sally, in Wimberly and they with true African hospitality invited us to their house.  Sally provided swimming costumes, towels and tubes for the kids. They spent a delightful afternoon floating and swimming in the Blanco River.  We all chatted about the Kruger Park and Botswana and drank hot tea from a silver tea pot.  Heaven!
The kids walking up the path, 
after a lazy swim in the river. 

Michael noticed this little "leaf" floating down the river together with all the other leaves, and then he noticed tiny legs kicking! This is the smallest snapping turtle we have ever seen, but we still kept our fingers out of reach!

Little snippet of interesting information:
When the Civil War raged through the South, the community contributed to the Confederacy's efforts by making charcoal on the banks of the Blanco and by hauling tons of bat guano from local caves and packing it, along with the charcoal, on mules to Austin.  Potassium nitrate was extracted from the guano and mixed with other ingredients to make gun powder for the Confederate Army.

Pieter, from Holland, is riding his bike from from Miami to San Fransico.  What an inspiration!
We chatted in English, then a wonderful mixture of Afrikaans and on his part Dutch.  He rode away with a smile, having heard something close to his home language while in a far and foreign land.
This tree reminded us of the book "My side of the Mountain".  One of the greatest books ever written for boys, if you have never read it... put it on your book list.
In the story, a boy runs away from home and survives in the wild Catskill mountains, he finds a hollow tree and turns it into his home.  Read it! 

Another historic town, near Canyon lake.  A magical little town in the Texas Hill Country.  Wimberley was designated one of America's "Ten Best Small Towns" by Travel Holiday Magazine.

The Texas Hill Country reminds us a lot of Mpumalanga, South Africa except the hills are only about 1000ft high.  Mpumalanga being the tail end of the Drakensburg mountains, reaches 6000 ft in the Belfast & Dullstroom area's.  Anyway, the mountains feel like home, and we loved it here.

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  1. how wonderful. So glad you found some SA friends........close to home and seem to be having a wonderful time, love your updates......xx