Saturday, 9 June 2012

Fishing from Jet-Ski's in the gulf

 Imagine.. those tiny little Jet-ski's, in the vast nothingness of the sea.  Three intrepid little bumble bee's against a huge blue ocean.  Laden with essentials such as radio's, flares and cooler boxes filled with cold drinks and water, they set out to the nearest oil rig which is 25 miles out.
Michael caught a shark, unintentionally.  It was catch and release!  I am pleased to announce that Michael still has all his fingers and toes.  There is not much room on a jet-ski, for a wildly thrashing shark with razor sharp teeth.

I had told Michael that if he caught a shark, he was to cut his line immediately.  
Failing which he was to throw his rod in the sea. That didn't happen.

 They had a few losses.  A Cooler box loaded with drinks, a good fishing rod and Kyle's i-phone had a swim.  i-phone's don't take  to the water.  All because Matt forgot his lucky fishing hat!
Michael and Kyle equipped themselves with 3 big fat burgers each, and munched on them happily while Sol and Matt nibbled on dry crackers.  
If you look carefully at this pic, you will see Michael and Kyle reflected in Sol's jet-ski. 
A Dolphin swam around them, just to see what they were.

Michael and Kyle were so excited to go deep-sea fishing with Michael and Sol.  Thanks guys.

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  1. how fantastic, wow that sea is BLUE. Well done guys!!