Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Port O'Connor - What a wonderful world, Texas is pretty after all.

Our friends have a lovely little wooden house on stilts, against the Inter-coastal water way (canal) in Port O'Connor.   Fishing boats and jet-ski’s buzz busily like gnats around the giant barges which cruise steadily down the waterway.  The barge in this picture is carrying sand. 

The seagulls are everywhere snapping up scraps thrown by fishermen cleaning their catch.  Their greed gets the better of them occasionally.  Dylan’s friend accidentally caught a seagull while fishing.  It was quite dramatic to get the hook out his beak, and he flew away shaking himself in disgust that those “humans” had touched him.   I just love the pelicans; they sit lazily on top of posts in the water, waiting for some unsuspecting fish.

 The Piggy Perch were hungry.  It was such fun to dip a rod in the water and have a fish jump at it!  We were fishing in the shade of the boat house.

Boats are slung from giant cradles, keeping them out of reach of the barnacles.  Each cradle has an electric winch, and our friends like true old salts casually press the switch to lower their boat into the water. The dog hopped on the wrong boat accidentally.  Their kids scurry about carrying life jackets and cushions, beach towels and sunblock onto the boat. We set out for a sun-downer cruise and dolphin spotting.

Sunday beach has blue waves, white sand with beach flowers and grasses on the dunes. We later discovered the dunes are infested with rattle snakes, even paradise is not perfect.  Dylan nearly stepped on a rattle snake; luckily he recognized the rattling warning.  His legs were shaking quite badly.  His friend also discovered a snake hiding in the dunes.

A fascinating assortment of flotsam is strewn across the beach, including an old wreck.  With a good imagination you may wonder, did those sneakers float over from Indonesia? How did a small bar refrigerator wash up here, a sunken yacht? What nationality was the fisherman whose shrimp net floated away? Where did that little wooden boat come from?

We found a small fortune in sand dollars.

Saturday morning we enjoyed a lazy breakfast of pancakes and orange juice while we pored over the newspaper.  The kids played some tennis and swam in a blue pool, much better than a muddy lake.  We spent another day at the beach and tried out the paddle ski, which is a huge surf board with a paddle. 
After a delightful weekend of lazy mornings, sunny beach fun, fishing, boat rides and board games, we were reluctant to return home!  This is the first house we have stayed in, for a year! 

Before I convince you that Texas is wonderful, bear in mind that the temperature right now is 110 degrees Fahrenheit, 43 degrees Celsius. The sun sets late, so there is no cool respite till about 08:00 pm.  It’s pretty awful to have a three month long school holiday, cooped up in a small trailer with a bunch of bored kids while it is too hot to go outside. We are learning to make the most of the few cool days that come our way.

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  1. phew, just Anna, I can well imagine that heat living in it myself. But at least we have a larger house to roam around in......thinking of you. Yikes , those rattle snakes dont sound toooo cool. aaaah, I would have a problem always wanting to lie down to take pics!! I love that picture of your on the beach, with the flowers in the foreground, gorgeous. love to u all xoxoxo