Friday, 1 June 2012

Summer Break

The Summer Break is a 3 month holiday.   It all began with the farm kids needing to pitch in.  I think I will go insane if we take a 3 month holiday! Since we home school, I have decided to have a 6 week break.  The kids have had 1 week already, and are driving me crazy with their computer games.  I shoo them out the trailer early in the morning and late in the afternoon.  The heat here is terrible.. already hitting 35 degrees Celsius.  95 degrees Fahrenheit.  They are only allowed 2 hours of games/tv.. other than that, they will have to read books, do art and otherwise occupy themselves when it's too hot to be outside.

PS, people here call it "summer break" so if you call it a "holiday" they look at you squiff.  Holidays are Christmas, Easter, halloween etc.  Speaking of which, an interesting observation.  Not once since we have been here, have the shops been empty of some "holiday" theme.  I kid you not. Thanksgiving,   Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Mothers day, Fathers day, Valentines day, Spring Break,  Graduation, Summer Break, Veterans day, Independence day,.. I'm sure I missed a few.  It sure keeps the wheels of commerce rolling.

Flying Fish

I find it significant that both Michael and Jessica have read aloud to me the following excerpt from "The diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dog days" by Jeff Kinney.  "For me, summer vacation is basically a three-month guilt trip.  Just because the weather's nice, everyone expects you to be outside all day "frolicking" or whatever.  And if you don't spend every sec on outdoors, people think there's something wrong with you.  But the truth is, I've always been more of an indoor person.  The way I like to spend my summer vacation is in front of the TV, playing video games with the curtains closed and the lights turned off.  Unfortunately, Mom's idea of the perfect summer vacation is different from mine.  Mom says it's not "natural" for a kid to stay indoors when it's sunny out. I tell her that I'm just trying to protect my skin so I don't look all wrinkly when I'm old like her, but she doesn't want to hear it."

Some days are such fun.. getting the kids out is no trouble at all.  Such as when Sol brings his Jet-ski's!

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  1. haaha, I totally agree with you Anna, 3 months of "holidays" would drive me MAD.......... mmm that is HOT...... keep cool, drink lots of water, and keep smiling......Love it and u xx