Monday, 1 October 2012

Puddleglum & other Marshwiggles

This weekend we had an incredible rainfall of approx 13 inches of rain, and began to feel like the Marshwiggles in Narnia's "The Silver Chair".  The Marsh-wiggles live near the River Shribble in the Marshlands.  
A Marshwiggle found in our marshy yard.. the earthworm was over a foot long!  See we told you the critters are bigger here.
  All the ditches were overflowing, and a deep stream was filled to the brim and lapping at the underside of the bridge.  The fields were covered in water and it looked as if we were in the Lake district. 

Welcome to the Lake District, TX

  The water table was at grass roots level, and was pouring under our house. 

 We bought a water pump for our house!  We must have pumped about 4 tons of water from underneath, since as fast as we were pumping water out from under out house, more was pouring in from the surrounding soil.  The soil was like a great big sponge, filled to capacity with water.

Puddleglum, in gum boots ankle deep in the latest deluge to pour down on us

In fact it all became a little overwhelming, and I began to feel like a Marsh-wiggle, but not so optimistic as Puddleglum who always encouraged everyone to "put a bold face on it."

To think, this time last year Texas was in severe drought.

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  1. Yikes Anna, talk about it never rains BUT pours........... well done, just LOVE your blog. lots of love xxx