Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cotton tail, Rat Snake & Skunk

You know you live in Texas, when your cute little 9 year old daughter in pigtails says
"If I want to be cool in school, I have to shoot a deer". It makes a change from the traditional need for designer clothes.  Siobhan chimed "Hey, that's not fair, I want to shoot a deer before Jessica".  Stuart's response was that to prove they meant it, they would have to shoot the cute little bunny that lives in the barn.  Jessica protested that she was not going to shoot "Chocolate Chip" while Siobhan was displaying a disturbing willingness to dispatch "Chocolate Chip".  Take it from me, nobody is shooting the bunny.

Speaking of which, we murdered a snake in the barn, and then upon further research discovered that it was in fact harmless.  We all had a moment of remorse.  The harmless snakes have round pupils, while the venomous ones have slit pupils.  I don't know how close you have to get to tell the difference, but I really don't like killing good snakes.  Yes, they do exist and they keep the rats away.  I'd rather have the good snakes.

While driving to school on the dirt rd a skunk nearly ran under my wheels.. I slowed down and started to open my window for a closer look. Michael protested "mom, don't stop, keep your window closed". We all laughed at the image of them going to school dripping skunk smell. Jessica said "my popularity will decline"! Before we came here the kids all wanted to know what skunk smells like.. there is no way to describe it. If I tried I would have to say its a cloying rancid oily rotten smell. You have to admit, they are cute!

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  1. You write so well!! Stay in Texas if that's how they grow up, awesome!