Monday, 26 November 2012

Alligators in ditches

On the way home from school, Siobhan found this Alligator lurking in the ditch. She always wanted an alligator skin handbag, but this one still has it’s original contents inside! Well we all stopped to admire him, and then the inevitable debate arose... is it alive? Stuart began to toss small pebbles at it, to make it move, while wondering if it was actually alive. The rest of us were protesting that it was alive, and we could see it’s eye gleam and could he please get back from the ditch. I must say it’s hard to overcome the African distrust of crocodiles. People here tell us all the time that Alligators are not aggressive, unless you mess around with their eggs. My instinct sees a large reptile with many teeth and orders me to RUN.

While we were still living near the lake, CJ and Michael went kayaking. They deliberately rowed through some thick reeds and dead trees a’la David Livingstone... it felt like Alligator territory, and any minute they were expecting a hippo to pop up from under the hyacinth. Suddenly they realised that the very large harmless log that they were rowing close to was in fact a very large Alligator guarding her nest. They rowed out of there pronto, and then Michael fell off his Kayak... it was like a your worst nightmare, he just could not get back on the Kayak, every time he tried it rolled over and he fell back into the water. With Jaws music playing in his mind, he eventually made it back onto the Kayak and rowed back home for a reviving cuppa tea.

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  1. haaahaa fantastic!! I agree with you, any reptiles and wherever they are from, be it Africa or America, need to stay faaaaaar away!! love that video!