Sunday, 31 March 2013

Why we moved, from Africa to the USA

This was our house in Africa, good solid brick and mortar.

This is our house in the USA... the buying power is much less here! The house is nice, but it's wooden and old.

This was our pool in Africa..

This is our pool here... actually we don't have one, we have to pay $5 for a swim in the town pool.

This was our tennis court in Africa...

We don't have a tennis court here, the kids play at school.

This was our car in Africa... except this is not the exact car, we had one exactly like it!

This is our car here... Hard to say which we prefer, I love JEEP, but the Chevy is so BIG ! It is Texas after all.

This was our pet in Africa, standing in our orchard of 40 fully grown fruit trees...

This is our pet here in the USA, and one of our baby trees in our orchard of 4.

This is the beach in Africa

This is the beach here...

These are our mountains in Africa

These are the hills here... although to be fair... The Rockies would leave our little African mountains in the shadows.

If you woke up to a noise in Africa it could be


or this,
or maybe this.

If you wake up to a noise in the USA it could be


or this

or maybe this...

And now you know why we moved to the USA.

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  1. Well said... Please look at your sausa messages... I left one for you. Love Adele