Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Scarecrow

This Magnificent Masterpiece was made by little Jessica.
I think it's pretty awesome! Siobhan & Michael don't share my sentiments and have begged for his removal. They feel that it is rather embarrassing to have a scarecrow of this caliber hanging out in our garden!  In fact Michael was making terrible threats this morning, about Mr Scarecrow disappearing!  I don't support this sentiment, since I was obliged to wear various garish pasta necklaces designed by Siobhan & Michael in their pre-school years!

So our Scarecrow is proudly displayed in our vegetable garden.  Imagine our amazement when the  man who sold us this house came cruising by yesterday, with his crew of grandchildren hanging out the window, admiring our scarecrow.  I suppose they got a little bored at the house and said, "let's go see those crazy african's scarecrow!"  Even our garden tends to be a bit of a traffic stopper with generous rubber necking as the farmers drive to town!  I guess it does look a bit funny with the scarecrow and the sparkling bird-scare tape tied all over, not to mention our pea's being staked a-la-africa style with reeds.

Bird-Scare tape, with Scarecrow in the middle and gas well in the back ground.

 We got this sparkling "Bird-Scare" tape, in theory in flutters and rustles with holographic sparkles to scare the birds away... in reality it's a beacon saying "The seed's here, come 'n get it". 

Pea's, staked a-la-africa with river reeds

Spalding found his purpose in life, the kitchen gloves were revitalized... now we just have to find the Yellow Brick Road...