Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Candy Factory

Every kid dreams of a trip to the candy factory... in this case a trip to the candy factory is a treat for adults too! The Big Island Candy Factory puts out lots of treats all made from the finest ingredients. We should visit them every day at tea time! 

Imagine crunchy macadamias grown on the island, exquisite chocolate, buttery shortbread and the famous Kona Coffee.

As we walked through the door we were given a candy and cookie as well as a cup of Kona coffee. Perfect after snorkeling in cold water!

The candies and cookies are beautifully packaged and the shop decor is lovely.  We met a few far flung travellers as we tasted the treats.

Huge windows allow visitors to view the process where we watched squid being dipped in chocolate.
If you worked here, could you get sick of chocolate?

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