Thursday, 7 November 2013

Snorkeling the Hawaiian Big Island

The colours of heaven paint our sky on earth.
Hapuna Beach Sunset (Photo by Stuart)

   Spectacular sunset to end a phenomenal day at Hapuna Beach, one of America's best beaches.

Black sand, a gloomy rainy day. (taken by Siobhan)
Black sand and Lava beach, near the Tropical Botanical Garden. The rain pelted us as we sheltered beneath the trees and watched in awe as the waves tore at the cliffs. Photo taken from inside a cave.

4 mile Beach, Hilo
Crystal clear waters tantalized us with tropical fish swarming in the shallows

We bought some snorkeling equipment, and a whole new world opened up to us. We can spend hours entranced as we discover, moray eels peeping from their caves, urchins threatening with their terrible spines, florescent purple coral  and shy little puffer fish hiding behind rocks. When Jess came nose to nose with a moray eel she scuttled across the water like a Jesus lizard to escape. 4 mile beach is named for the 4 mile marker, not very imaginative!
Enormous Green Sea Turtle sleeping on the rocks, they drool!

One day I ventured a little too far on my own and suddenly found myself in the deep, surrounded by rock caves.  I had this terrible creepy feeling that a shark was lurking in anticipation.  When a huge shape loomed out of the blue. I nearly walked on water! It was a humongous turtle who benevolently carried on munching sea weed. I spent a quiet moment with him and then went my way.

A few things you don't want to meet in the sea...

Helicopter exploring the coves.
Black Sand Beach in Waipio Valley. The largest black sand beach on the Big Island.

So now we have snorkeled on the black sand beaches, white sand coves and still want to visit the green sand beach. One of only 2 green sand beaches in the world !! 

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