Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Waipio Valley

Waipio Valley 
We walked an epic walk, and my legs are still feeling the pain days later! 1000 ft straight down a cliff… ok there was a little path. The rest of my family bounced down and up again later like a herd of mountain goats! The valley into which we descended is called the Waipio Valley and is the final scene in the movie "Waterworld" when dry land was found. Hi'ilawe Falls drop a straight 1,300 feet and this is what drew us to the valley. Sadly the falls are not flowing at the moment due to a local drought.

An expanse of black sand beach awaited us, it's a peculiar feeling to stand in the crystal clear water and yet it's black. I'm a little wary of going out far into the dark water..you never know what's lurking. In fact a marine biologist friend once told us that "if you've swum in the sea, something has considered eating you!" So not reassuring.

Black Sand Beach

The edge of the black sand beach is lined with smooth pumice stones of various sizes.  A lot of people build little rock monuments to their visit in Hawaii. So Jessica, Dylan and Siobhan decided to do the same.

Imagine our surprise when a man nearby burst into spontaneous applause as Dylan finished his tower of rock. The man said that Dylan should be an engineer, and asked what we have in our blood. I was so surprised I didn't know how to answer, too bad I never mentioned home-schooling!

In the mean time Jessica was creating a colony which drew attention from every passerby, and most of them took photo's of the artist at work. She is thinking of pursuing a career in sculpture since she is already famous, and wants to know how often we can return to that beach!

Jessica's Colony - We've studied a lot of colonies in History.

Siobhan took advantage of the tallest rock on the beach and built her monument on that.
It certainly feels strange to pick up huge boulders as if they were made of cardboard, the pumice has so many holes it's very light.  Pedicures are a thing of the past, the pumice beach beach scrubs our feet for us. Couldn't get better than that!

The history of this valley is fascinating, Hawaiian legends, kings, ghosts, and Tsunami's.  The current residents are reputed to be a wild lot who definitely don't like tourists.

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