Sunday, 14 December 2014

Waves on the Rocks. By Annalise Cogan

"The sea, once it casts it's spell holds one in it's net of wonder forever." Jacques Yves Cousteau.

This is one of my favorite spots on the Island. When I sit on these cliffs and watch the waves relentlessly pound onto the rocks, I forget all about the world and it's troubles. 

The sea here is ever changing, the wild water swirls the salty foam across the surface, I can take dozens of photo's and they will all be different. 
 A macro photo of the sand shows peridot among the black sand and coral grains. 
Sun kissed waves on the rocks against a dark sky, mesmerising.
Lava flows into the sea.

You gotta have tough feet to walk across this lava barefoot. She may look like a princess, but she has the feet of a mountain goat. 

The foam swirls across the blue water in mystical patterns. There be turtles in these waters. 

 If you are very very lucky like I was last winter, a huge whale may silently cruise past. He swam up close to my kids on their boogie boards and smacked his fin on the water behind them a few times. A magical moment in time, to be treasured forever. 

 A wave claws at the cloud scudded sky. 

The local boys were riding the waves today. 

What more do you need, a bike, a surf board, maybe a beach shack and fishing net. (Photo by Siobhan)

The sea is beyond words, it is how you feel as the wind combs your hair, what you see as the water crashes on the rocks and swirls in the pools, the taste of salt on your lips, the sound of the waves and the thin cry of a lonely seagull. It touches all of the senses but most of all it touches the soul. 

"No matter what you say about it, there is always something you can't." Christoper Paolini.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Green Sand Beach, Hawaii

Far far away across the biggest sea is a fantasy land, a fairy land of waterfalls cascading down fern bejeweled cliffs.  A volcano lurks there, it billows clouds of gas and smoke and spreads red lava fingers across the land, it's Midas Touch turns everything to stone.

Peridot in Lava rock
Hidden within the volcanic stone are millions of glittering gems, Olivine or Peridot. The little green jems are coaxed out of the rock by wind, rain and time's stealthy plunder. Joyfully they sparkle in the sun on a hidden beach, encompassed by a weathered crater. A green sand beach.

Green Sand Beach

 Only a few can reach the green sand beach, as it is a long hard hike in the blazing sun. The dust road seems to take forever, just the next turn, over the next hill you wander.

The green sea grass lures you closer, a hint of the sand you want to see

 It's a steep scramble down the basin of the crater, and now you are standing with your toes buried in green sand, looking out over the Pacific from Hawaii's South Point.
Crater Cliff.
Green Sand

The end of the hike

Southernmost point in the USA 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Swimming with dolphins and other great adventures in Hawaii

Swimming with dolphins Captain Cook Hawaii.

Sunset Hilton Hotel Kona

Jumping off 50 foot cliff at South Point Big Island Hawaii. South Point is the most Southerly point of the USA.

In the submarine at about 100 foot below the surface. 

Scenic route near Hilo and the Botanical Gardens.

The Submarine in Kona Hawaii

This yacht was scuttled for the insurance.

As large as 3 dinner plates

Traditional Hawaii dancing-Hula

Yes, its a coconut shell.

Enjoying the luao.

Steam Vents- Volcano Hawaii