Thursday, 27 November 2014

Green Sand Beach, Hawaii

Far far away across the biggest sea is a fantasy land, a fairy land of waterfalls cascading down fern bejeweled cliffs.  A volcano lurks there, it billows clouds of gas and smoke and spreads red lava fingers across the land, it's Midas Touch turns everything to stone.

Peridot in Lava rock
Hidden within the volcanic stone are millions of glittering gems, Olivine or Peridot. The little green jems are coaxed out of the rock by wind, rain and time's stealthy plunder. Joyfully they sparkle in the sun on a hidden beach, encompassed by a weathered crater. A green sand beach.

Green Sand Beach

 Only a few can reach the green sand beach, as it is a long hard hike in the blazing sun. The dust road seems to take forever, just the next turn, over the next hill you wander.

The green sea grass lures you closer, a hint of the sand you want to see

 It's a steep scramble down the basin of the crater, and now you are standing with your toes buried in green sand, looking out over the Pacific from Hawaii's South Point.
Crater Cliff.
Green Sand

The end of the hike

Southernmost point in the USA