Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Onward to Canada!

After Panther Flats camp ground, and Spruce Goose in Oregon, we drove across Oregon to spend 2 nights in the Mount Hood National Park to experience our first mainland volcano. 

What a beautiful and spectacular National Park and stunning mountain. We camped amongst thick pine trees, it was very private and for the most part, quiet with the sound of a small river in the background.

The next part of our journey took us North to the Columbia River which we crossed over into the Washington State side and then East bound along the river. Although the river is impressive, this was not a particularly interesting part of America as it is hot, dry and uninspiring. We decided the best thing to do was cut straight up to Spokane and then Coeur De Alene Idaho.
We spent a few nights with some good friends in Plummer Idaho. They took us hiking on Mineral Ridge which overlooks Coeur De Alene, and we played air-soft in the forests that surround their house. I was surprised to discover that Idaho has stinging nettles! A plant that I haven't seen since England.
Two days later we hit the road again, and crossed the border into Canada.
Once in Canada Dad, Mike, Dylan and I decided to get fishing licenses and spend a few days around Cranbrook. An area with some gorgeous lakes teeming with fish. 
Cold and lonely Rocky mountains loomed over the lake that we fished in the most.
Snow and white clouds covered the tops. 
Fly fishing was the big thing in that area and the lakes are full of rainbow and brooke trout. 

We spent days fishing at Newbury Lake near Cranbrook. A peaceful and very tranquil location if you want to get away from it all but still be within 20 minutes of a small town. The Loon pictured above added to the peace and tranquility with its almost haunting call which echoed throughout the valley.

A brook trout has an orange flesh and is great pan fried and tastier than rainbow trout.